No matter how tough the crowd — whether it’s a construction site or an event — the PB28 is tougher. And comfortable too! The Formit PB28 is one of the toughest, hardest-working portable toilets available in Australia. We build all our toilets tough, but this one really is as ‘tough as old nails’. It’s engineered specifically to take whatever punishment is dished out — from both users and the elements. Galvanised steel skid and durable high density, UV-resistant polyethylene walls are just the start. It also features Australia’s first one-piece bowl and seat surround in polypropylene for maximum durability, as well as a marine-grade flush pump. And let’s not forget comfort and hygiene. (The PB28 certainly doesn’t!) Its interior is very spacious, and it features large waste and water tank storage units, as well as a fresh water hand-wash flush unit. So it’s safer and healthier for workers and users alike. No wonder it’s such a common sight at all the major sporting events, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

• Heavy duty skid base designed to withstand the toughest treatment
• Large waste tank (356L) and water holding tank (125L)
• High density polyethylene, UV stabilised, colour-fast walls
• Hinged polypropylene bowl and seat surround
• Non-skid, easy-clean, self-draining floor
• Marine grade pump provides flushing water to the toilet bowl
• Hand basin pump with vertical action to operate fresh water flush system
• 150mm Inspection port for water filling