3200 Litre Evac Portable Vacuum Unit

The VTS EVAC range is suited to all forms of liquid and sludge type wastes (not designed for hydro excavation or DG wastes). Proven rugged design coupled with stainless steel construction to wet areas means the full EVAC range will last a long long time. Top quality components from Europe and the US coupled with VTS’s “simple is more” design makes for a cost effective  and practical solution.

Australian Standard compliance is essential in today’s business environments. The VTS EVAC range meets AS1210 for Pressure Vessels and also AS4343 for Hazard Levels. Don’t leave yourself open to hefty fines due to non compliance!

Key features

  • Constructed from 5mm GR304 Stainless Steel
  • Mounted on a mild steel skid frame, able to be forklifted from all four sides
  • Top wash out manway
  • Sight Glasses to observe waste level in tank
  • Tie Down and lifting points
  • 1460kg empty weight

Vacuum System

  • 115 CFM Conde vacuum pump, vacuum and pressure capable
  • Honda 9hp petrol engine (Optional Hatz 10hp diesel) with battery and electric start
  • 50mm vacuum system, 10m of suction hose fitted with 75mm inlet to tank and blockage access
  • 75mm discharge valve
  • Primary Shut Off
  • Secondary Shut Off
  • Oil Catch Muffler
  • Pressure relief valve and Vacuum relief valve
  • Vacuum and Pressure Gauge

Water System

  • 1200 litre fresh water capacity with sight tube
  • Honda petrol powered water pump 25mm
  • Retractable steel hose reel with 15m of water delivery hose