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Waste Tank 2000L

2000L Waste Tank

Large ablution block, but no sewer connection? A Formit Waste Tank is the hygienic, long-lasting solution.

The Formit Waste Tank is an engineering-certified effluent tank, designed to sit underneath large ablution blocks — particularly on large construction sites without a sewer connection (or perhaps a special event or an army camp).

A sturdy, durable, rust-free construction, the Waste Tank is engineered from rigid polyethylene surrounded by a heavy-duty steel frame, and it’s rated to support a building mass of up to 1500kg plus 6 persons.

This Waste Tank is available Framed or Unframed.  Formit Waste Tanks are available in three different sizes (2000L, 4000L & 6000L).

Key Features

•  Heavy duty steel frame

•  Special gusset reinforcing

•  Certified to withstand 1500kg + 6 People

•  Long-life polyethylene tanks will not rust

•  Steel tow hook

•  Tank top connects to frame to avoid sagging of tank roof

•  Special pump out port available

•  Sight glass is available


Waste Tank
2000 Litres
Waste Tank Framing
Can be framed or not framed as shown in pictures
Skid Base
Heavy Duty Steel Frame
L1935 W2390 H660 to top of frame (no lifting lugs fitted to this unit)
Carrying Capacity
1500KG + 6 PEOPLE
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